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Morse Robomate R500 Laser

RM 979.00

Model : R500 Laser 
Suction Pressure: 2568pa
Battery Capacity: 5200mAh Li-ion battery
Electronic Water Tank Capacity: Electrical Water Tank 220ml
Dust Box Capacity: 230ml
Robot Size: 330mm Diameter * 96mm Height
Robot Weight: 2.9kg
Working Time: 3-3.5 hours
Charging Time: 5 hours
Rated Voltage : 14.4V
Rated Power : 27W
Noise (dB): <63db
Climb Capability: 2cm
Cleaning Area: 180-210m*
Mopping Area: 60-80m*
Floor Types: Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Marble Floor, Shag Carpet, Tile Floor, Wood Floor
Net Weight : 3.9kgs
Gross Weight: 5.4kgs

Enjoy 1 year VIP warranty service!
* Free service fee
* Free return shipping fee (West Malaysia)
* Free spare parts fee (internal chip, motor, etc.)

*The warranty includes all parts problems and repair costs. (If the defect is made by human error are not included in warranty )

*The battery is a consumable accessory, and the power will decrease with the usage rate. Such as power reduction is excluded from the warranty.

R500 Pro option

R500 option

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gyro vs laser vs ultra new

robot battery life span

Please take note of the following when the sweeping robot is in use: 

  • 长时间充电会影响电池寿命, 建议扫地机务必不要过夜充电。
  • Charging for a long time will affect the battery life, thus we're recommend that the robomate must not be charged overnight .

  • 扫地机的水箱只能加入清水,不能加入任何的清洁剂或药水。
  • We do not encourage the adding of cleaning detergents / floor cleaner into the water tank as some of the detergents may blocked the water outlet and the performance of the moping function may be affected.

  • 扫地机适合清扫平坦硬质的地面 (瓷砖/大理石/木地板/短毛地毯等等)不适合家里有长毛地毯的用户,长毛的地毯可能会导致扫地机的边刷卡著。下单前可询问客服确定。
  • The sweeping robot is suitable for cleaning flat and hard surfaces (tile/marble/wood floors/short-haired carpets etc) Not suitable for users who have long-haired carpets at home, long-haired carpets may cause the edge of the sweeping robot to jam. Please enquire with the customer service before placing an order.

  • 扫地机尽量设置在房子的中心,有利于扫地机完整的清扫全部空间以及更有效率的回充。
  • Place the sweeping robot in the center of the house as much as possible, this is to facilitate the complete cleaning of the entire space and more efficient recharging.

  • 在使用扫地机之前,先把家里弄得整齐,在地上的杂物要弄掉,以防阻碍扫地机器人对地面做清洁工作。
  • Before using the sweeping robot, make the home tidy, remove all the objects  on the floor, to prevent obstructing the cleaning path of the sweeping robot.

  • 在第一次使用的时候,先观看一遍其清扫过程是否顺利,移除一切可能导致扫地机卡机的障碍物。没问题以后,扫地机之后就能独立为您完成清扫工作了哦。(在地上的玩具和电源线等物品有可能会影响扫地机工作,请事先整理)
  • When using it for the first time, watch the cleaning process once to ensure the cleaning process is successful, remove all the obstacles that may cause the sweeping robot to jam. Once there is no problem, the sweeping robot can complete the cleaning work for you independently. (Toys on the floor and power cord etc may affect the work of the sweeping robot, please tidy up in advance.)

  • 使用时建议将阶梯高低差别不大的厕所门关上,否则扫地机可能会进入打扫并且卡在里面。(旗舰款Laser+可以通过地图设置禁区从而禁止扫地机进入厕所内。)
  • It is recommended to close the toilet door when using robot vacuum, otherwise the robot may enter the toilet to clean and get stuck inside. (The flagship Model Robomate Laser+ can set a restricted area through the map on Mobile Apps to prohibit the Robot from entering the toilet area.)


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